04 May 2009

Just Being Honest

I just wanted to express how much I appreciate people who are willing to obtain knowledge from a variety of resources. It takes a big heart, open mind and enthusiastic soul to carry this quality. Though I personally think we're all born this way, the structure of society is powerful in changing our minds in order for us to adapt to norms set up by greed and envy, especially when we are feeling a little vulnerable. That being said, there are so many of you that I've only just recently met that I see hope in and those of you that I've known for a while who have grown and blossomed into such wise wonders. I've had so many fruitful conversations with people in the past few months where the thinking doesn't end when you say "Bye" or when the conversation ends but it continues on and those very thoughts seem to intertwine with my everyday life.
Thank you for helping me learn, think and appreciate.

(A gorgeous photo from the Lost Valentinos Myspace)


EDIT: Wow, Stono, way to talk down to people. I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry, this post sounds so pretentious when read in different ways. I don't mean to sound like a snobby wannabe deep-thinker. I really do feel so grateful.


  1. naww stono! this isn't snobby or pretentious at all! this is such a genuinely grateful blog. X] loverly and touching.
    can't wait to see jew friday! xoxo

  2. stono youre blog is pure magic. I love getting in the mind of my beloved stono.

  3. Aw it's people like you two that make this world a lot more bearable. Thank you.