29 August 2009

Songs Of Winter

Saying goodbye to the last few winds of winter with the songs that kept me warm during the season...

1. Skinny Love - Bon Iver
2. Crow Quill - Circle Takes The Square
3. Winter Passing - The Academy Is...
4. Cowgirl In The Sand - Neil Young
5. Forward Motion - Your Nature
6. Sliding Scale - Bats And Mice
7. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
8. Manana - Desaparecidos
9. The Vulture (Acts I & II) - Gallows
10. Distress Of Ignorance - Envy

It's been a long yet lovely Winter but it's time to kickstart something completely different.
The Spring and Summer playlists will consist of Friendly Fires, Art Vs Science, Syndicats, Iggy & the Stooges, The Horrors and plenty more.

Love and good vibes,


03 August 2009

This Monday Was Meant To Be A Fresh Start

Why am I so fucking terrible at everything I do?!
I suck arse at being a girl, a Muslim, a vegan, a student.
I don't even know how to keep my friends close to me anymore.
I tune out too easily in class and come quiz time, I've got no clue about what's just been said.
I wreck absolutely everything I own, be it clothes, instruments, books, shoes. Everything. Not to mention how much shit I lose.
I haven't gotten any better at guitar from what, two years ago? I'm still playing the same chords over and over and my fingers just can't do anything else.
My writing is woeful. It disgusts me.
I burst into tears at the drop of a hat - just like now.
I blame the universe for my misfortunes and the fact that I am and always have been single but that's just a distraction from the reality of it all.
One thing I'm good at doing is fucking up.