23 January 2010


Thanks to the beautiful Kaitlin Foley from the Cultureal Sindicate on 91.7 WSUM (@kaitfoley on Twitter, Photomontage Philosophy on Tumblr), I have fallen deeply in love with Eyedea. He's the most refreshing lyricist I've come across recently. He tore through the thick champagne foam of mainstream hip hop and stood up and out amongst the radio-swollen artists of today. Here he is with his buddy Abilities on decks:

"Self proclaimed rebels say "We must oppose the system!"
"You gotta take a stand!" "If you're not against them you're with them!"
signs read "Support the troops bring em' home!" "No more innocent victims!"
but when a homeless veteran asks for spare change you're to busy protesting to even listen
And I'm no different I live in conflict and contradiction but it can be so beautiful
when I don't reject what lies within
It's beautiful the way agony connects us to the living
I think of the world when I hurt, and keep on existing in the now"



  1. I have one of his albums somewhere =] he is quite good. I'm sorry i didn't come to the cemetery for your final show, I had family over and was in the kitchen most of the day. Hope it was good though

  2. O DAT GUY!!! the one you told me about/was playing on your itunes. he's cool =0
    i love those last two lines <3