22 June 2009

Murmuring To Myself

Hater Players by Black Star, in my opinion, contains one of the best verses ever written during the underground hip hop movement of the later nineties. It is written, of course, by none other than the science-inspired ghetto rocker Mos Def - one of my favourite emcees ever. The verse goes like this:

Visions occupy my synaptic space
Command and shake, to illustrate my minds landscape
The tall grass, the low plains, the mountanous ridges
Thickets among the forests, rivers beneath the bridges
Presence of hilltops, lit up with tree tops
Eavesdrop; and hear the incline of sunshine, nine
Stones in orbit, refuse to forfeit
They all form a cipher, and they came to observe it
I follow suit, and face it, embrace it
Shinin bright, but still I'm careful not to waste it
Destined to rise, because I'm basement adjacent
Spirit is still so just chill and be patient
Some heads approach like I'm the one to base with
Clowns about to scream and shout but dont say shh..
I ain't your student so I ain't to be tested
I'm majestic, I represent my strength without effort
My, method is unorthodox, but of course it rocks
My serious synopsis will drop kick, my topics
Run the gauntlets and galvanise the audience
I must represent, I don't come off with no corniness
It's all luminary, despite commentary
Some people say, Mos how you get so?
My sign will make you jump around like calypso
And, murmur to yourself like a schizo

I have to pay homage to this guy because he is most definitely (ha ha) one of my biggest influences, inspiring me to begin writing when I was around ten. His new album, The Ecstatic, is out now and you should seriously check it out. I can't find any recordings of this song on the internet that aren't just samples so here are some links to some other underground hip hop songs that influenced me:
-Mathematics by Mos Def
-Respiration by Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Common
-Come Close by Common

There are so many more but I have an assessment to do now...


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  1. I don't listen to nearly enough good hip hop / rap as i should do, just Sage Francis, Cannibal Ox & Wu Tang Clan really. I reckon i'll give Mos Def an airing, thanks.