04 September 2009

One Sad Stoney Coming Right Up

In 2006, I promised myself that I would never ever leave the all ages music scene. When I turned eighteen, I said I'd go to 18+ shows but if there was the option, I'd go to the AA one instead. And I have done so. I promote and go to the daytime shows and try my hardest to organise gigs around town, no matter how heavy the workload I get from TAFE is. And don't think that just because I go to TAFE, life's a fucking cruise ship.
But what happens when the kids themselves don't give a shit about the music anymore? What happens when there's only a handful of enthusiastic under eighteen year old people left who will do anything to keep this fire alive yet don't have the support of their own peers?
I don't really know when music became such an instantaneous culture (I use the term "culture" very loosely). I knew this day was coming but I guess I chose to block it out of my mind because I didn't want it all to become one disdainful pile of shit. I don't want them to drink and drug themselves to braindeath. Am I so ignorant to want kids to unify and enjoy themselves without losing a million braincells in one night? Are my past experiences with drugs eating me up?
Once upon a time, I thought I was being alienated by the older folks who forgot that they were once kids reading every line in every street press release, every word on every website and every poster on the street looking for a show that was accessible to them. Now I'm scared that it's not them who are losing sight but the kids themselves. I don't know what they'll do when all the people that actually care fly away and live with accomplishment in their stride and they're left with shit-fucking-all to do with their lives. It's exhausting and annoying to think about but above all, it's disappointing.
Tonight, on my (super-expensive) taxi ride to the restaurant, I scared myself to tears questioning the future of music and art and youth culture.

For those who still care, there's an amazing show that will be happening at Oxford Art Factory featuring two sweet bands:

It's advertised as Under 18s for legal reasons but it's pretty much all ages so come along no matter what age. I'm so going to get into trouble for saying this but I don't want anyone to feel excluded.




  1. here here =/
    kids think they love or have a passion for music but they don't give a fuck about the sustainability of the scene or the idea of a gig itself. it's bullshit. part of genuine love is support. but they don't do anything except throw money towards it, if they fucking feel like it. effort, time or energy - any of those would be way more valuable/useful. ugh! people are so annoying. grrrr
    blast them all.

  2. agreeeed.
    thankfully, we have quite a few under 18/16 gigs, and sometimes even under 14s allowed if accompanied by an adult. BUT nowhere near as many as there could be. and even when they stick an age on it, the gig still doesnt end until 11.30pm, bordering on midnight, which just defeats the purpose of it being young-person friendly (of course, i see it more as Muslim friendly, but thats because most of the young 'uns i know are allowed to stay out that late).
    Every form of art needs to include young people otherwise it'd die out.
    And I'd go to that gig you've posted if I could =(

    i want to write quite a bit about this, but really need to get some sleep before sehri since i've got work tomorrow.. SO will either comment more tomorrow, or make this the topic of my next blog post =]

  3. our generation, i feel, is the worst in the way of music, a huge majority of it just dont give a fuck about it... they listen to the top 10 and thats about it, and its only background noise to the booze really.. maybe we just have to many sources of entertainment these days, maybe the internet killed the music industry in more ways that money (cause he gives a fuck about money when theres no music)...

    haha but my point was, its not just under 18's its most gen y'ers and i imagine its only gonna get worse.. oh why did i become a musician hahahaha xx