11 September 2009

Milk Through Pipes And Stripey Ink

Inspired by STRIPES&PIPES and milk and ink.

My first crush was a boy I met on a bike ride home from school once. He was older and could do more tricks on his bike than I could ever do. We never spoke but I heard his friends call him "Wes". He was a dirty grunge boy before I even knew what grunge was.

My first boyfriend was not really a boyfriend. I was fourteen. We listened to Joy Divison and cuddled all the time. This went on for years. To this day, he remains the only non-related boy who has seen my hair since I chose to wear the hijab. I don't know him anymore which feels odd and cold but these things happen in order to help us learn how to mend ourselves. I'm just grateful for that one lesson.

Most days I wish I never cared.

What's your story?



  1. My story is very unimpressive

  2. Here's mine:

  3. hoiii! sweeet post, its really cute esp. the crush one >=]
    Oh, and thanks for the comment! LYDZxx

  4. I used to build sandcastles with a boy called zack. They used to be the biggest sandcstles out of any of the other kids.

  5. this is awesome and beautiful, stoney
    i love it
    i wanna collect all these stories for a book or something ^^

  6. I have no story but I love that your choice of romantic listening is Joy Divison! You seem like a bit of an Anglophile :)