18 September 2009

Screw Gender Theories

The arguments of sex and gender do my head in. We are the way we are because we are. I have a notion to propose: Do whatever the fuck you want and calm down.

Overanalysis is death - death of the mind, heart and soul; death of culture and enrichment.



  1. what exactly are you getting at? do you mean the whole idea that gender is static and sexuality is what you want it to be depending on who you are? not sure what you're talking about :)

    and yes sometimes people overanalyze EVERYTHING :/

  2. I mean any theory that deals with questioning why we are the way we are, physiologically and psychologically. Whilst I think it's important to delve into the human mind and body, it's just as important for us to accept one another (so long as nobody is put at their expense).

  3. Gender studies make me cringe when they try to portray (mostly irrelevant or dubious) "essential differences between men and women" as an excuse to pigeonhole.

    Gender identity objectively exists, but it's more complicated (to put it mildly) than a strict binary switch - and ideally should have no impact on social functions and opportunities.